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InRes Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)




I want to order InRes service(s):


I want to terminate my InRes service(s):


Why am I still getting billed even though I have cancelled my InRes service(s) online?


I'm moving and would like to move my InRes service (Phone/ResNet):



ResNet Internet

  New!  Check out the ResNet Troubleshooting Guide:

  New!  ResNet Troubleshooting online form:

I can't browse the web, my browser can only display the ResNet authentication page.


I can't register my computer, I'm prompted with a 'Certificate Expiration' notice in browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox).


I bought a new computer and want to register it.



I want to set up two or more computers.



I can't connect using my router after a power outage.



I lose Internet connection when my computer goes into sleep mode.




I forgot my voice-mail password.



I'm having trouble making outside calls.